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Holiday Coupon Code!

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October Full Hunter’s Moon and Drinking Horn Project

Hello! I am still transferring blog posts to this new blog. This one is one of my favorites. I made it for my dear husband.   October’s full moon is known as Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon, and the Dying Grass Moon. My craft this month doesn’t really have anything at all to do with any […]

New Year Superstitions and A Spell For You

This is another post that I’m moving from my old blog.   First of all, I hope that each and every one of you found happiness in your holidays in however you chose to celebrate this season. Today I’m going to list a few superstitions and beliefs concerning New Year’s and that led me to […]

The Wolf Moon and Home Protection Spell

I’m still in the process of moving my entries from my other blog. I’m not going to be moving all of them, only my favorite entries. This one is a spell that I created for January’s Full Wolf Moon. January’s full moon has many names. One of them is the “Wolf Moon”. This year the […]

Moon Spellbook Craft

Today we will be making a fun spell book! I know from looking at the finished pic that it looks like something that would be super hard, but I am going to take you through all of the steps to make your very own moon spell book. It’s very simple and at the time of […]

The Rowan Tree and a Solar Cross Craft

Learn all about the Rowan tree and make a Rowan craft

Antler Craft

This craft that I’m showing you, I completely made up as I am creating it. I wanted to make an antler headband, and then I wanted a spiderweb, and THEN I thought I would like to add in mushrooms and sparkles…..and moss. It’s a bit of whimsy and fun. Okay, like I said I wanted […]

Yule, Elves, and a Bindrune Spell For Your Business

  It has been a while since I’ve thought of creating a new rune stave. I started thinking of Yule coming up and the pretty lights and elves and fairy tales. It is a magical time of year. You can practically feel the magic lying thick in the air. This made me think of a […]